The Importance Of Investing In Clients


People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

–Maya Angelou

In the last twelve months we have seen a significant increase in our corporate clients investing in the gifting service that we provide at LÂPACH. 

They’ve realised that thoughtful and intentional gifting creates an experience for their clients that helps them to feel valued and appreciated and strengthens the emotional connection they have to their business and brand. 

Psychology plays an important role here…

Clients create a sense of ownership on the gift and attribute an increased symbolic, experiential, or emotional value to it. They are then more likely to engage with your business.

 For those of you who are still unsure of the benefits, consider the following; corporate gifting- 

  • Raises awareness of your business, service, and products
  • Promotes a positive firstimpression

  • Elevates your business andpositions your brand above others 

  • Reinforces the clientrelationship, buildingloyalty andtrust

  • Encouragesrepeat clientsand word of mouthreferrals

In short, strategic corporate gifting helps build brand recognition, engagement, and loyalty and should be an essential business strategy to attract, engage and retain prospective and current clients. 

Rest assured; no matter what your budget or the style of gifting you choose, the initial outlay is nothing in comparison to the benefits.

Be sure to choose a specialist company that provides an end-to-end service that offers the simplicity of pre-made boxes as well as more bespoke gifting, luxury and hard-to-find items, custom branding, shipping and delivery logistics, bulk orders, reorders and tailored gifting calendars, etc.

Speak with LÂPACH today to discusshow we can help to elevate your business and brand above your competitors and leave a lasting impression on your clients.