Corporate Gifting Service

We understand the importance and value that lies in corporate gifting and are here to make the process a simple and hassle free one. Whether you are wanting to choose from our Ready to Shop Range, or have something different in mind, we would love to help you achieve your vision.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our Ready to Shop range, simply contact us with your budget and needs and we will put together some gifting solutions that ticks all of the boxes.

With access to a wide range of unique and hard to find wines and spirits through our background in the hospitality industry at Ghanem Group, our corporate clients have the opportunity to create a gift for their clients that is rare and definitely not run of the mill.

From ribbon to gift card and even the gift box itself, branding options are endless, and we are always happy to present you with ways to include your company’s brand in both a stylish and effective way.

* Corporate discounts apply to bulk orders of 5 or more gift boxes
* Branded ribbon and business cards can be provided to us and we will tie them on your gift boxes free of charge
* Your order can be shipped directly to you if you would like to hand deliver, or your order can be shipped to the receiver with your handwritten card included