We are Laila, Pascale and Chantelle and we are LÂPACH.

Our Story...

Our close friend had recently become engaged and we wanted to share in her excitement by giving her a special gift. We wanted to say Congratulations, we love you, let’s celebrate your happiness! We wanted a gift that she would find useful in her wedding preparations and that would reflect this new chapter in her life. But we had been shopping for hours and there was nothing that looked special enough, nothing that would convey our message.  We were not willing to give our friend a generic gift at such an important moment in her life and decided to take matters into our own hands.

We didn’t need to limit ourselves to the same old gift of flowers, chocolates and a bottle of wine. We could do something more – we could create a moment, a lasting memory for our beautiful friend. And so, LÂPACH was born.

What We Do...

At LÂPACH, it is our mission to research, source and beautifully present boutique items that carry your unmistakable message. LÂPACH is modern, understated luxury stylishly coordinated to create memories for your loved ones, colleagues and business associates. Our aim is to be a thoughtful and convenient gifting option that removes the stress from finding the perfect gift that is suited to a special occasion or significant life moment. 

We only include tried and tested brands that we love and that are of the highest quality, sourced from Australia and around the globe. We especially love encouraging and supporting local small business and are dedicated to including these brands in our range of products. We personally hand-pack every luxurious gift box, and finish with a handwritten card. And, if you decide to make use of our Build Your Own option, you can have complete control over every item in your box, for a fully customisable experience. LÂPACH does all the leg work, so the most difficult thing for you to do is to choose which of our boxes embodies the message you want to convey.