Ferrari - From Concept to Creation

It was March 2018 and we had just come out of our first Christmas as a business. While still finding our feet, we were approached by one of the auto industry’s leaders in luxury sports cars, Ferrari. They were interested in discussing how we could help them lift their gifting game for car delivery gifts. It was amazing for us as a small business, operating for such a short period of time to be in this position and gave us the confidence we needed to enter the corporate world of gifting.

At the time they were doing what most dealerships still do and were gifting a bunch of flowers, a standard bottle of Champagne and some merchandise from their lifestyle store.

Ferrari Brisbane were forward thinking with their approach. Yes, they were giving their clients a gift, but was the gift they were giving conveying the message they wanted? The delivery gift was the final chance to show their clients how valued they were as a Ferrari customer, and the average delivery gift just wasn’t cutting it. 

Our first meeting with Ferrari Brisbane, was essentially a big brainstorming session. It was great to throw ideas around with the team and see which ones sparked the most interest within our group. We determined the points that were crucial and those that were perhaps not so necessary and went away with a guide of what we needed to do to get started on our favourite project to date.


The Box

We knew that Ferrari were very interested in a branded gift box, and they loved the quality and feel of our deluxe LÂPACH gift boxes. So the mission was on to find someone locally who could create these in the same quality and in small runs.


The Contents

It had to be a gift that was high quality, sleek, elegant, and suitable for the situation. Purchasing a Ferrari most definitely required some sort of celebration. It should also appeal to both males and females. Whisky and Champagne were our front runners, but the selection had to be premium. For this we reached out to our team of award-winning beverage specialists, who assisted us in selecting some of the finest drops on the market.

To accompany the whisky and Champagne, we decided to include Royal Doulton crystal whisky tumblers and Champagne flutes to complete the gift.


The Finishing Touches

As with all of our LÂPACH gift boxes, every attention to detail is taken into account with the finishing touches. A custom Ferrari branded gift card was produced to personalise the gift and add to the overall luxury of gift box.

During our discussions with the Ferrari Brisbane team, it was surprising to us to find out that most Ferrari customers are repeat customers… one can only dream. So all future orders would build on the same concept and even include the same glassware so that the customers could build on their collection. The alcohol of course, would become rarer and harder to come by, making the gift box new and more exclusive for repeat clientele.

Working with Ferrari Brisbane was literally a dream come true for our small business and was a major catalyst into the corporate world of gifting. Since that time, we have provided corporate gifting for a range of different industries, but we can honestly say to this date, Ferrari Brisbane has remained our favourite.


“LÂPACH Gifting has completely raised the bar on our client delivery gifts. Being Ferrari, we service lots of special clients where money is no object, so having a high-end custom gift to thank them for their business is no easy feat.

 LÂPACH hit the mark for us with creating a bespoke, luxury gift designed for our precise needs that has been met with awe and gratitude on every occasion.

From a service perspective, LÂPACH were a dream to deal with and provided a smooth process from creation to reality for us.”