Teachers Gifts and Secret Santa - Gift Ideas Under $60

It’s that time of the year again… this time we are focusing on gifts under $60 to get your list of teacher and Secret Santa pressies checked off. 

What would we do without teachers? We trust them with our children for at least 180 days throughout the year. So when it comes to the end of the year, it’s only natural that we should want to give them a little something to say thank you for putting up with (I mean taking care of) our kids. But this can become quite costly at an already expensive time of the year, especially when one has multiple children and they often have more than one teacher.

Finding something of quality for under $60 is no easy feat, so we have taken the hassle out of looking for you and included two great options in our Ready to Shop range. What could be better than coffee and chocolate? Our Robert Gordon travel cups are an essential for any teacher, and when you pair that with Koko Black’s Mighty Macadamia & Wattleseed Chocolate Block, you know you are onto a winner! Or why not gift them something to unwind with at the end of day? Think a hug me mug with a soothing Sencha based tea, brightened with citrus notes, rose petals and sweet jasmine. Top that off with some Caramalised Chocolate Dotties and voila… teaching year 5 algebra is but a distant memory.


But First Coffee- $49.00

Little Indulgence- $49.00


Our new build your own feature couldn’t have come at a better time for those who are working to a budget – cue Secret Santa gifts. In just a few steps you can completely customise, from the colour of the gift box to its contents and finally your choice of gift card.

While you will find some perfect suggestions in our Ready To Shop range, our build your own feature allows you the freedom to tailor a gift box by colour tone, theme, or simply by bringing together a collection of products that reflect the person you are gifting.

Whatever the time of year, there is always going to be a moment when you want to send a little something for less. We are super excited that our new Build Your Own feature allows you to do just this. Click here to get creative and start building your perfect gift… we can’t wait to see what you choose!